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Kate Matl Stereo


Kate Matl
Dj BoBo
Jesse Ritch
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Kate Matl
Burned away


Kate Matl



6.09 WALDKIRCHEN (D) Performing @ Gala event for Garhammer 
8.09 PASSAU (D) Performing @ Gala event 
9.09 AUGSBURG (D) Performing @ Gala event 
12.09 SCHWANDORF (D) Performing @ Gala event  
13.09 MARKTREDWITZ (D) Performing @ Gala event 
14.09 CHAM (D) Performing @ Gala event 
15.09 VIENNA  (A) concert with DjBoBo 
16.09 BUDAPEST (H) concert with DjBoBo 
23.09 WEILHEIM (D) Performing @ Gala event 
29.09 BAD RAICHENHALL Performing @ Gala event
30.09 TALLIN (E)  concert with DjBoBo in SAKU ARENA 
5.10 OBERVIECHTACH (D)  Performing @ Gala event 
6.10 REGEN (D) Performing @ Gala event 
7.10 MURNAU (D) Performing @ Gala event 
27.10 REISBACH (D) ) Performing @ Gala event 
28.10 WEILHEIM (D) Performing @ Gala event 
4.11 MURNAU (D)) Performing @ Gala event 
18.11 LITHUANIA (L) concert with DjBoBo


Kate Matl

Kate Matl is European PoP singer with the Czech roots.

Her musical talent she inherited from her parents - her father Lubomír Mátl is a choirmaster and mother Jiřina Mátlová is a theorist of music, so she was led to music since her young age. She was singing in the Kuhn`s children’s choir - one of the most important groups of children in Czech Republic and also was performing in a children’s musical called the Puss in boots side by side with Václav Neckář.

After her studies at the French College, her graduation from the conservatory of Jaroslav Ježek and her accompanying studies of the Dance center at the Charles University in Prague she fully started pursue her career of singing and touring which she was already doing during her studies. She sang roles in various of musicals - The Hair, The Grease, The Monte Cristo, The Dracula (where she was singing a role of Adriana Sandra and was alternating with Iveta Bartošová), she participated in the concert tour called Mise in the main role with Daniel Hůlka, she also cooperated with a dance group called the Uno (projects such as The Little Mermaid and Carmen)

Abroad she performed for example at the BMW tour Formule 1 around the Europe and Asia, also at the Pierre-Lang tour in Asia or at the GQ shows in Europe. In Switzerland with DJ Tanja La Croix, she shot and released the song called “In the club on the Floor”, in Germany started to cooperate with world known musician DJ Bobo. Two years ago, she was performing at his european tour and suddenly she became his main singer. This year DJ Bobo set off to his next tour and again with Kate Matl. Together, also with Michal David she performed at a sold out concert in Prague in O2 Arena.

Kate Matl of course does not forget on Czech Republic. During her studies, together with Věra Špinarová and other front czech singers, she released the CD compilation “What Love Requires” and performs here at her regular music events called Voice of Budha.

Currently Kate Matl has released her debut EP pop album called MONO with elements of electro which contains two strong singles - “STEREO” and “SONG OF FOREVER”. The album was produced in Sweden, Germany and Czech Republic. She was cooperating with authors working for example for Britney Spears or Miley CyrusJoakim Haukaas and Charlie Mason. She also made a music-video to her single STEREO directed by Yemi AD where the main topic was not only a duplication from Mono and Stereo, but also to other, more extensive positions and dimensions.

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